Akanksha Puri Bigg Boss OTT 2 journey

A potential love tale played out within the house in a recent Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode, drawing viewers’ interest. Jiya and Falaq were conversing with Abhinav while he was busy preparing eggs. Jiya stated that she was actually talking about Falaq when Falaq said that she had praised Avinash. Falaq joked back that she was trying to pair Jiya with Avinash. Jiya continued to taunt, saying she thought of Avinash as her brother and that she thought Falaq and Avinash formed a terrific relationship because of their endearing arguments and obvious chemistry.

Falaq, who emphasised that they were merely close friends and that there was no love chemistry between them, rejected the idea. Falaq made a playful threat to hit Jiya if the mocking persisted. But Jiya persevered, wondering whether there was really nothing between them. Falaq smacked Jiya jokingly with her shoes and pillows as they both giggled and ran around the hallway. Avinash inquired as to what Jiya had said during the amusing argument since he was fascinated about her response. Blushing, Falaq walked away, leaving Jiya to tell Avinash that Falaq’s remark was ambiguous, suggesting that he might be interested in him romantically.

After dinner, Manisha and Abhishek continued their lighthearted banter by having a contentious fight while washing the dishes. Their screams got louder when Manisha joked that Abhishek’s senseless talking was hurting her kidney. Falaq entered to settle the conflict after mistaking the circumstance for an actual battle. Everyone in the home was drawn in by the intensity of their pretended quarrel, so they gathered to find out what had happened between the close friends.

Akanksha Puri was ousted from Bigg Boss OTT 2 in a shocking turn of events. In a recent interview, the actress discussed it and expressed her dissatisfaction with her brief tenure on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. The actress, who had great expectations and the audience’s backing when she entered the house, expressed her displeasure with the show’s producers for highlighting her kiss with model Jad Hadid.

When she first entered the house, she was ranked third, and she admitted that this initially won her favour with the audience. But the judges disagreed with her since they thought she was too perfect and preferred English over other languages. She expresses her eagerness to learn and wonders if it was improper of her to avoid doing housework. To her dismay, host Salman Khan quickly revealed Akanksha’s eviction on the television without giving her a chance to speak with the other competitors or the host. She feels that she’s been singled out from the start since she thinks this treatment is unfair.

The actress considers the debate that erupted over her kiss with Jad Hadid, which was the main topic of conversation inside the home. Akanksha explains that she consented to the work because of the possible repercussions her team would experience if they didn’t. She claims that, despite Jad seeming more engaged, her participation was mainly lip-moving. She expresses surprise at how the kiss has received so much emphasis on the show, but other notable events like Jad’s pants getting pulled down during a fight have received less attention. Akanksha wonders about the contradiction in the show’s advertising and why her kiss ended up being the main attraction after she was eliminated.

On the second day, Jad made a humorous marriage proposal, which Akanksha dismissed as being more a part of his game-playing tactics than genuine adoration. She admits that even though she felt for him and would have thought about dating him, Jad’s interest rapidly changed to another competitor after Salman Khan brought up his partial preference for Akanksha. She thinks Jad was not sincere and that everything was part of a deliberate plot. She questions the excessive attention being paid to her kiss in light of the situation.

Akanksha Puri expresses her dissatisfaction with her Bigg Boss OTT experience in her conclusion, stressing the harsh treatment she experienced and the excessive emphasis given to her contentious kiss with Jad Hadid. She feels that the show’s most meaningful moments were overshadowed, which confused and discouraged her.

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