Bigg Boss Season 17 Elimination/Eviction Process

‘Game badlega kyunki BIGG BOSS khud khelega’ is the theme of the freshly launched Bigg Boss 16, which is attempting to live up to it. The morning routine, which had sort of remained the same for the previous 15 years, was altered by Bigg Boss on the first day. This time, Bigg Boss gave the candidates instructions to wake up with an alarm and recite the “anthem” of the show. Another cunning manoeuvre revealed that the season’s first nomination will have a significant twist. This most significant custom of naming housemates for expulsion with a justification will be discontinued.

The competitors in the most recent season of Bigg Boss will be requested to nominate their fellow contestants without providing any justifications or explanations. Contestants are required to carry out nominations by burning the nominee’s photo according to these guidelines. Tina Datta, Manya Singh, and Soundarya Sharma, who are housemates, have already gone through this process, and they even end up apologising to the other housemates they nominated. However, Bigg Boss disapproves of this and penalised them for acting conservatively and with regard to their image. In fact, until further notice, the three of them are ordered to do all home duties.

In addition to the twists, Bigg Boss can potentially spot a pair inside the house. Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, the stars of Colours’ show Udaariyaan, who have returned to the small screen together as contestants, are drawing a lot of attention thanks to their chemistry. Ankit insisted that they are extremely clear and settled, with Priyanka wanting a future and him not, despite co-contestant Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia trying to get him to reveal their relationship status. While Ankit concluded the talk by saying that they don’t even consider such things, Gautam Vig said that Priyanka has a warm spot for him.

After being nominated, participants make a plea for votes to keep them in the Bigg Boss house. A participant is eliminated from the competition if they receive the fewest votes from the audience. In the end, the person who continues to amuse the public and receives the most votes wins the show.
Reality television programme Bigg Boss confines competitors from different backgrounds to a single home. By preventing themselves from being eliminated based on public voting, they compete against one another for a financial award. We have outlined the Bigg Boss Winner Name and Runner-up List for the entire season in this post.

Bigg Boss 13 is currently one of the longest seasons of this reality television programme. The season’s grand finale will now air on February 16, 2020. Therefore, soon after the formal announcement, the winner will update.
Prize money for Season 17 of Bigg Boss

The prize money for this 17th season is same to that of season 16. However, compared to season 16, this season will have a significant price hike. Sony TV does not release the costs. Big Boss has always been well-known for giving the winner a fantastic prize, including cash bundles, and season 17 will be no exception.

At some point during the Bigg Boss competition, the prize money will be announced. The candidates will also get a variety of unique gifts.

Big Brother, a well-liked Dutch reality show, served as the model for the Indian reality show franchise Bigg Boss. It is made by Endemol Shine India in association with Disney Star and Viacom18. The programme has become a cultural phenomenon in India due to its tremendous popularity.

Bigg Boss, which debuted in Hindi, has broadened its appeal by creating versions of itself in a variety of Indian subcontinental languages. Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam are some of these languages. This growth enables the programme to accommodate the viewers’ varied linguistic preferences.

Bigg Boss episodes are made available on well-known OTT services like Voot, JioCinema, and Disney+ Hotstar to offer more accessibility. This makes it possible for viewers to watch the show whenever it suits them, catch up on missed episodes, and access exclusive show-related information.

By providing a captivating and enjoyable framework, the series has effectively maintained its popularity. The show’s contestants, known as Housemates, share a custom-built home with one another and are constantly observed by cameras. As they progress through the competition, they encounter various obstacles, assignments, and eliminations.

With its distinctive fusion of drama, entertainment, and human dynamics, Bigg Boss has captured people’ attention. It has given people a stage on which to display their personalities, build alliances, and occasionally deal with difficulties. The show has also seen incredible changes in the participants, propelling some to popularity and notoriety.

Bigg Boss fans and viewers continue to be energised, anticipatory, and engaged in conversation with each new season. It has developed into a noteworthy cultural phenomenon that influences discourse and trends in the Indian entertainment sector.

Beginning in 2023, Bigg Boss 17
Midway through 2023, the iconic reality series Bigg Boss will debut its much awaited 17th season. The Indian version of the popular reality competition show Big Brother, Bigg Boss, which airs on the Sony channel, has a huge fan base in India. With competitors like Priyanaka, Archana, Shiv, Nimrat, Abdu, and Sajid, Season 16, which was previously won by MC Stan, was both exciting and entertaining.

Aspiring contestants should start preparing even if the Colours channel, which broadcasts Bigg Boss, has not yet issued an official announcement on the audition for Season 17. Bigg Boss’ forthcoming season is anticipated to add a fresh twist by putting commoners who are close acquaintances with celebs in the house.

The 17th season of Bigg Boss is expected to premiere in the middle of 2023. Fans are anxiously anticipating the commencement of this new development because it adds an intriguing aspect to the show. Bigg Boss 17 is expected to be another exciting season chock full of drama, fun, and priceless moments.

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